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Appartement design à Chamonix Mont Blanc

Buy a Studio, Apartment, Chalet in the Chamonix Valley

Chamonix is a world-renowned city.

Thanks to its strategic position at the foot of Mont Blanc, located a few minutes from Switzerland and Italy, thanks to the many sports activities that it is possible to perform all year round, its comfort of life, its price per m2 is still growing.

For this reason, Chamonix attracts many people from all over the world.

At Cham'Concierge Immobilier, we are an expert real estate agency in the field of transactions and short-term rental management

The purchase process

- 1 Contact Cham'Concierge Immobilier

to discuss your purchase project (budget, search area, characteristics etc... ). If you are looking for a property and at the time of our appointment we do not have the property you are looking for, We will sign an exclusive search mandate. If, on the other hand, we already have in agency a property to your liking, we will organize a visit.

-2 We organise visits

and gather the documents after each visit (dpe, minutes of co-ownership etc...)

-3 Once we have chosen the property,

we have gathered all the necessary documents for the sale, we move to the signing of the compromise, this moment is very important because you will see in detail all aspects of the sale.

-4 Signing of the deed of sale.

This usually starts 3 - 4 months after acceptance of the offer. Once the notary has found and validated that all the required documents are in order.

Once everything is done, Cham'Concierge Immobilier can guide you during the renovation work or during the rental management.

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