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Professional photos to sell better

Credit : Céline Hégly-Delfourle - Rédactrice web chez

What is the first impression of the person who clicks on your ad based on? Your photos of course! So no hesitation, priority to visuals. We tell you why calling on a professional photographer can be a great asset to boost your sales.

A more attractive ad

We have seen it on, an ad accompanied by professional photos is viewed nine times more than the others. Bright, sharp, well framed photos... the photographer's know-how is a way to trigger the "coup de coeur" at first glance. He will indeed know better than anyone how to bring out the volumes and play with the lights to show your home in its best light.

A quality service to stand out

Choice of the schedule for the shots according to the sunshine, rearrangement of the room if necessary, focus on the strong points, management of the backlights… rare are the individuals who master all of these parameters. A professional photographer will provide you with a quality service, the result of which will convince you.

An outside opinion on your property is always good to take

The photographer is an outside person and that is why he represents an added value in the enhancement of your property. He will take a fresh and objective look at your home. Without affect or prejudice, he will be able to detect its strengths and then enhance them in his shots. But he will also be able to pinpoint his weaknesses and give you solutions to lessen their impact on the photos.

A profitable investment

Ask a pro to take the shots of your accommodation at a cost. However, successful and selling photos will make the difference in the mass of ads on the web in your sector. Standing out from the competition with quality photos guarantees you increased visibility and chances to sell faster and at the desired price.

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